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Bite Beauty French Press Gloss

Chew Magnificence French Press Gloss

For the day of the singles (11/11), Chew Magnificence proposes colours chosen of their ranges for 11 $:

Amuse Mouth Lipstick Atlanta, Black Truffle, Most cancers, Cava, Cayenne, Chicago, Cotton Sweet, Dallas, Dragon Fruit, Gin Fizz, Sizzling Harissa, Kale, Kimchi, Lion, Libra, Licorice, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Persimmon, Ginger Marinated, San Francisco, Sangria, Scorpion, Za's Smoked, Spritzer, Cuttlefish Ink, Star Anise, Thistle, Toronto, WhiskeyAmuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick In Shades: Confit, Caramelized, Cava, Chiffonade, Demi-Ice, Marsala, Combine, Parry, Combine, Sugar Beet, Supreme, Rotates, WhiskFrench press gloss in shades: French press, salted caramel, vanilla milk espressoMatte Creme Lip Pencil in shades: Amaretto, Aubergine, Black Truffle, Orange Sanguine, Cognac, White, Strawberry, Rose Lady, Rosehip, Sugar, TruffleMultistick in shades: Anis, Biscotti, Cava, Cherry, Cocoa, Caramel Cream, Gelato, Macaraoon, Pearl of Peacock, Papaya, Praline, Pink PearlPrismatic pearly lip gloss in shades: oyster pearl, peacock bead, pink pearl, pink pearl  

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