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Uncover the stitching ranges of a flawless complexion with the NEW Elegant Perfection CONCEALER system – the Elegant Perfection concealer, the laboratory-formulated concealer brush and the silky under-eye powder for post-perfecting smoothing.

the 21st of February

Merchandise at launch

Elegant Perfection Concealer, $ 32.00 (new, everlasting)

Mild 1 The lightest with impartial pink shadesMild 2 Lighter with impartial peach undertonesMild three Clear with yellow undertonesMild four Mild with peach undertonesMild 5 Mild with impartial undertonesMild 6 Clear with impartial pink undertonesMild 7 Mild with peach undertonesMild Medium eight Medium clear with yellow undertonesMild Medium 9 Clear medium with impartial pink undertonesMild Medium 10 Clear medium with peach undertonesMild Medium 11 Clear medium with yellow peach undertonesMild Medium 12 Clear medium with peach undertonesMild Medium 13 Medium clear with yellow undertonesMild Medium 14 Clear medium with impartial olive undertonesCommon 15 Medium with impartial yellow undertonesCommon 16 Medium with peach undertonesCommon 17 Medium with impartial undertonesCommon 18 Medium with impartial olive undertonesCommon 19 Medium with pink undertonesCommon 20 Medium with yellow undertonesCommon 21 Medium with impartial olive undertonesMedium Deep 22 Common depth with impartial nuancesMedium Deep 23 Medium depth with yellow undertonesMedium Deep 24 Common depth with impartial nuancesMedium Deep 25 Medium depth with impartial pink tonesMedium Deep 26 Common depth with impartial nuancesMedium Deep 27 Medium depth with peach undertonesMedium Deep 28 Medium depth with pink undertonesDeep 29 Deep with impartial undertonesDeep 30 Deep with yellow undertonesDeep 31 Deep with impartial peach undertonesDeep 32 Deep with impartial golden undertonesDeep 33 Deep with impartial undertonesDeep 34 Deep with impartial undertonesDeep 35 Deep with impartial pink undertonesDeep 36 Deep with impartial undertones

Elegant Perfection Brushing Underneath-Eye Powder, $ 30.00 (new, everlasting)

A brand new powder for post-perfecting softness.

Elegant Perfection Correcting Brush, $ 32.00 (new, everlasting)

Brush coordinated to work with the brand new Elegant Perfection Concealer.


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