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For the vacation season, there are three new restricted collection Make-up by Mario Glam Eyeshadow QuadsMaquillage by Mario Glam Eyeshadow Quads ($ 25.00 for zero.16 oz). Under, discover samples of the brand new quads. As well as, not like the everlasting palettes launched by the model, these had been offered as "extremely pigmented" full dots.

Glam Eyeshadow Quads Swatches

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Colour chart

Bronzy Glam

Bronzy Glam # 1

Bronzy Glam # 2

Bronzy Glam # three

Bronzy Glam # four

Glam Celebration

Glam Celebration # 1

Glam Celebration # 2

Glam Celebration # three

Glam Celebration # four

Rosy Glam

Rosy Glam # 1

Rosy Glam # 2

Rosy Glam # three

Rosy Glam # four

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Make-up by Mario Glam Eyeshadow Quad

Make-up by Mario Glam Eyeshadow Quad


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