Don't Touch My Hair - With Model Farouk James

What if all of our rainbow kids had been handled actually equally and blacks, whites, Asians and all of the tradition and mixes in between had been seen as kings and queens, all having equal alternatives, revered? just like the previous aristocracy, gathered at a magic tea social gathering, to make new guidelines for the new world go forward?

This shoot is from empowerand assist Lengthy Haired Farouk James Boys Marketing campaign, many good excessive faculties, particularly denominational faculties, is not going to permit boys to have lengthy hair as a part of their uniform coverage, which opposes true equality. It's essential to alter the narrative across the afro hair of black and blended kids, their crowns of their pure state must be cherished, revered and represented, and never discriminated towards. They’re rainbow kids, representing equality, repositioning them as kings and queens, to be empowered, revered and revered to reject detrimental stereotypes. Showcasing the great thing about trend and classic type, real sustainable recyclable trend.

Don't Touch My Hair - With Model Farouk James

Don't Touch My Hair - With Model Farouk James

Don't Touch My Hair - With Model Farouk James

Farouk James long hair

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Model Farouk James Boys Long Hair

Don't Contact My Hair – With mannequin Farouk James Crew Credit:

Images: Kivanc Sezen

Artistic Director + Styling: Jade Sullivan

Creative path and scenography: John Murphy @yellowcroftevents & Natalie Hayes @ 13natalieh

Coiffure: Nicole McFarlane @nic_li, Diane Tuffuoh @theafrobeautycompany

Fashions: Benjamin, Eva, Mae, Catherine, Farouk, Jacob, Lewis, Lila, Leo, Roxcie, Stanley, Eva Rose, India, Miles & Mia.

Offered by Yellowcroft Children Images Events and Occasions.

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Don’t Contact My Hair with Farouk James images by Kivanc Sezen – All rights reserved.

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